My Platform will focus on five key areas:

Economic and Job Development, Property Tax Relief, Neighborhood Safety, Education, and Diversity.

My first and primary objective will be expanding Peoria’s economic base which will lead to increased revenue and job creation. If Des Moines, Iowa can do it, Peoria can too. But it takes the right strategies and the right leadership to get it done. We’ve got to connect business and education in ways we’ve never done before to provide opportunities we’ve never had before. And it starts with electing somebody you’ve never elected before.
My second area of focus is property tax relief. As a homeowner, I’m just as frustrated as you seeing my property taxes continue to rise. If we continue to increase property taxes as a means to fix the budget, we will run more good people out of our city and have even greater difficulty attracting new residents. We need smarter financing, moving away from overtaxing homeowners. I believe a public-private solution, both short-term and long-term, is the best way to address the city’s budget crisis.
The third area is neighborhood safety. My lifelong experience working with law enforcement and people in our community has uniquely prepared me to work cross-functionally with all stakeholders to reduce crime and its footprint in all of our neighborhoods.


The fourth area near and dear to my heart is education. Education makes the economy thrive. And most jobs today require some level of education or training beyond high school. We need more of these programs now and I want to make them real for every person who desires the opportunity. Apprenticeship models work – we know that from the trades. Apprenticeship models have been proven to work in many industries. I want to see more of this in Peoria. If living in Peoria has taught me anything, I know combining education with hard work and dedication is exactly how an area thrives.


The fifth and final area is diversity. Until we begin to fully embrace the diversity within our city, we will continue to experience great disparity and disconnect amongst our citizens. Embracing our diversity means addressing root cause issues of poverty, breaking down racial and ethnic barriers, supporting our senior citizens and those with physical and mental challenges, and building character among our youth. These are the values of a strong city. This can be accomplished in our city through collaboration and commitment.